Totalled cars are usually the result of an accident, but cars with blown engines, burned out transmissions, and other prohibitively expensive repairs, are often viewed as "totalled".

However you ended up with your totalled car, we would appreciate the opportunity to buy it. We pay cash, offer free tow away service, and can turn a frustrating burden into more cash for you to go out and get a new car.

We have spent decades building relationships with used parts dealers, steel recyclers, auto auctions, mechanics, and used car dealers. Our vast experience, as well as these relationships, allows us to turn totalled cars into the most cash possible.

Our expertise with totalled cars means that we'll recognize when the wreck in your driveway has parts in demand. Our relationships with mechanics mean that we will know when a so-called totalled car can be safely and affordably repaired to provide cheap transportation for others. We recognize when a totalled car is only worth its weight in steel, and we will find a scrap metal dealer who will pay top dollar.

In short, we make a living from treating each totalled car as an opportunity.

We encourage you to call us if you have a totalled car. Our trained customer service representatives will promptly respond to your phone call or e-mail.

We'll need you to answer a few questions about your totalled car, and we'll make a generous cash offer within minutes. If you accept, we'll tow it away for free, and schedule the car removal based on your schedule.

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